I am originally from Scotland and have lived in Sydney’s Northern Beaches with my husband and two daughters since 2007.  

In my 20's I worked in retail sales for a large oil company, enjoying a life of money, status and material rewards. I climbed the career ladder quickly and at the age of 28 found myself asking, “is this it?” The ‘success’ and ‘happiness’ that society had promised did not seem to exist. I felt empty. Around the same time, a tragedy in my personal life, led me to give up everything in search of a more meaningful life. I volunteered around the world for three years in some of the world’s poorest countries. I worked with the blind in Africa, lepers in India and the homeless in Australia. I had little, but I was happy and content. I had found my life’s purpose and I had a great desire to help others do the same.

On my return, I went back to university and studied life coaching and chaplaincy. Four years later, I got a job at the local high school, helping staff and students get back in touch with their ‘real self’, overcoming life’s obstacles, and moving on from the past to create an exciting new future. 

Life is constantly changing and learning to deal with those changes saves us a lot of angst. When my girls started high school, they left home at 7am every morning and did not return until 5pm. My husband often travelled overseas for work, and those long days loomed ahead of me, highlighting an emptiness in my life once more. I found myself asking the question again, “What is my life all about?” I had done voluntary work since arriving in Sydney and was ready for a change. Driven by the desire to be a positive role model for my girls, I started to look for new opportunities. When a friend suggested that I start my own business, the idea of being able to support more people thrilled me, but running my own company seemed terrifying and the ever-changing landscape of technology scared me. “Feel the fear and do it anyway” has been my mantra for many years, so practicing what I preach, I started coaching myself; building my self esteem to believe I could do it, visualising my completed website and furnished consultation room, asking for assistance, putting a plan in action, ticking off small goals, seeing a handful of clients at first; most of whom were referred to me by word of mouth. As my reputation grew, so did my confidence and my business, which I named 2Mpower after my girls (Maris and Megan are the 2Ms) and my role is TO EMPOWER them and all women. My greatest joy is witnessing the success of others, and knowing that I helped them get on the right track.

What I can do for you

  • As a qualified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Progamming, (NLP) Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™, I will share these great tools with you and help you take control of your life, and live it to the full.
  • I will show you how your thoughts, actions and behaviour, play a major role in your current situation. This awareness is the first step in moving forward.
  • I will help you understand how your unconscious mind and old patterns are keeping you stuck. Learning from the past.
  • I will teach you how to control your unconscious mind instead of letting it control you. Preparing for the future.
  • I will introduce you to the idea that ‘life is all about relationships’.
  • I will educate you on how to communicate effectively.
  • I will encourage you to discover and name your true purpose.
  • I will help you create a plan to move forward, stay motivated and achieve your aspirations.
  • I will invite you to join our women’s group and become a welcome member of the 2Mpower community.
  • I will congratulate the new, empowered, successful you.