Anne McKeown, originally from Scotland, lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and two daughters.  

She is a highly regarded Life Coach and Trainer who specialises in helping women find their inner strength and authentic self.  She passionately equips her community to step up and step out; to know they have a choice and to find their voice, as well as empowering them to take back control of their life without feeling selfish.  Anne tells her story...

"I hit mid life and with it came a crisis of confidence. I felt inadequate. I wanted to work but believed I had little to offer. Technology had moved on so fast it scared me. Here I was encouraging my daughters to be fearless females, to make a positive impact in our world and yet I wasn’t doing that myself. I wanted to be a good role model for them. I yearned to find purpose and bring more meaning into my daily routine but I had no idea how. 

So I started on a process of re-discovery. I began to slowly reclaim my identity by focusing on my talents and dreams as an individual woman. Through this process the answer became really clear. I was called to help other women in my situation. I was challenged to find techniques to share with them around building confidence and self-belief. I started to realise what made me happy and gave me a sense of purpose and wellbeing. I wanted to encourage other females to do what gives them most joy and satisfaction in life. I had studied NLP (neuro linguistic programming) years ago and decided to retrain. I also called on my skills as a school chaplain, mother and older woman. I became a certified Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation. 

Throughout my work I have come across heaps of women who are trying to reclaim their identity after dedicating much of their life to family and/or career. So many feel lost and lonely, desperate to connect with other like-minded women. I was no longer the only one who craved to be needed, to be valued, to be heard, to be encouraged and to be empowered.

I decided to start a women’s social group. We currently have over 400 members. I invite a female speaker to share her success story with us each month. This event is free. In an effort to practice our mantra of “women supporting women” we ask for a small donation which is forwarded to the Manly Warringah Women’s Resource Centre.  This meetup is an opportunity for women from all walks of life to connect, share, learn and laugh. 

As my reputation grew, so did my confidence and my business which I named 2Mpower after my girls (Maris and Megan the 2Ms).  I recently told them how proud I am of them and everything they have achieved - they brought tears to my eyes when they replied, "we are very proud of you too, Mum!”

What I can do for you

  • As a qualified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Progamming, (NLP) Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™, I will share these great tools with you and help you take control of your life, and live it to the full.
  • I will show you how your thoughts, actions and behaviour, play a major role in your current situation. This awareness is the first step in moving forward.

  • I will help you understand how your unconscious mind and old patterns are keeping you stuck. Learning from the past.

  • I will teach you how to control your unconscious mind instead of letting it control you. Preparing for the future.

  • I will introduce you to the idea that ‘life is all about relationships’.

  • I will educate you on how to communicate effectively.

  • I will encourage you to discover and name your true purpose.

  • I will help you create a plan to move forward, stay motivated and achieve your aspirations.

  • I will invite you to join our women’s group and become a welcome member of the 2Mpower community.

  • I will congratulate the new, empowered, successful you.