The dictionary defines inspiration as: “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something (esp creative)”.  Inspiration can be difficult to understand and describe because what inspires one person may not have any relevance for another. Words that conjure up an image of inspiration for me are: motivation, stimulation, creation.


When you are inspired, the dictionary states that: “you are mentally stimulated to do or feel something (esp. creative)”. And this ‘something’ is usually around a topic or idea that you are passionate about. An inspired person often feels compelled to be different or do better than they currently are. Who inspires you? Is it someone famous or a member of your family, a colleague or friend? What is it about that person that you admire? What attracts you to them? Which attributes of theirs would you like to adopt? Why?


An inspiring person is described in the dictionary as: “someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something (esp. creative).”   They are usually uplifting and encouraging of others.

So how do we become inspiring? By being a positive role model and totally committed to a cause that inspires others. These fans automatically elevate you when they tell their network that they find you inspiring.

Inspiring people know that they need an abundance of energy to fulfill their expectations and those of their followers. Healthy eating, regular exercise, plenty of water and restful sleep are essential for keeping the batteries of the inspiring person charged. If you travel to promote your inspiring idea/business, then a schedule including all of these is paramount.   This routine will also help you to feel confident and maintain a high level of self-esteem.


There are certain characteristics and traits common to inspirational people. They are usually great story-tellers with a vision to share. Have you read any great autobiographies recently, if not, whose would you choose to read? Why? Inspirational people don’t just talk about what is important to them they act upon it and they find a way to overcome every obstacle. They are innovative and forward thinking. They dedicate their whole life to their cause, which is often for the better of everyone not just themselves. More often than not, when someone is truly admired it is because they are authentic with themselves and others.

What can you do to be inspirational? Start by keeping a small notepad in your pocket or bag and jot down new ideas when they come into your head. Write the things about yourself that you think are already inspirational. Capture moments that cause a change in you ie: seeing someone help a blind person across the road may make you want to be more caring; hearing about a charity fun run might inspire you to be more generous. Listening to an inspiring presentation may cause you to follow in the footsteps of the speaker. Make a note of your emotions when you realize that someone or something inspires you. If you have been inspired recently or done something inspiring, please share below.





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Anne McKeown