Christmas Countdown

Have you started the countdown to Christmas?

As a child I loved the daily process of opening the little flaps on the advent calendar. The anticipation of waiting to see what was behind the scene each day was almost more exciting than the actual picture being revealed.

The picture behind each door tells a story building to the climax of the birth of Jesus. A bit like turning the pages of a book, with each chapter moving the reader towards a final realisation.

Christmas is a happy time, a time of hope and giving, of kindness and sharing. Yet all we seem to talk about is the mad rushing, the overspending, the over eating and wishing it was all over! It worries me when I hear friends and clients talk like this because I know the power of the mind and that we get what we focus on. It’s ironic that we create this madness and then complain about it!

For this holiday season to be enjoyable it is important that your mind is set up to deal with all the expectations that you put on yourself and all the unexpected wants of others. So let’s start by asking yourself:

Am I feeling calm, organised and excited? Or

Am I feeling tired, anxious and slightly out of control?

If you answered yes to question number two, then let me help you by sharing some of the exercises in my new book “How to Take Back Control of Your Life Now!” Here’s some of the topics:

· Recognise when your life is out of control.

· Discover how to build healthy, long lasting relationships.

Understand how your thoughts impact your daily outcomes.

· Implement formulas to help you have more balance in your life.

· Learn how powerful language and everyday words affect you and others.

· Enjoy a new, heart centred approach to goal setting and goal getting for 2019.

This might just be the best gift you’ve ever given to yourself or someone you care about. You can check it all out here. And for only US$4.95 it won’t break the bank!


1) With the book you will get 3 short videos where I share the exact steps I took to turn my life around, including quick, powerful techniques that I use every day to stay balanced, positive and happy.

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Anne Mckeown