what do you see?

Do you SEE miracles?  

The more I read about brain science and the power of the mind, the more I wish we could change our education system. Instead of expecting kids to regurgitate facts and figures, I would like to help them draw a vision of their future and give them signposts along the way. The path will not be straight because life never is (and would be boring if it was). There will be forks in the road, to make them stop and choose. This is great because we all learn, grow and are led to freedom through choice.

A number of years ago I volunteered as Group Leader on a project in Zimbabwe for an organization called SEE (Surgical Eye Expedition). I watched the life of elderly Africans with cataracts in both eyes, transform once they were able to see again. An inexpensive, quick operation removed the old clouded lenses and replaced them with new clean, clear ones that opened up a whole new world of possibility for these people.

What’s clouding your vision? What dreams and desires did you leave behind at high school?

One old African man called Joshua said to me, “it’s a miracle, you’ve made the blind man see!” I giggled and began to explain, but he hushed me and said “the lord says ask and thou shall receive. So I did!” Then he laughed and danced around me waving away my words like an annoying fly. I realized that I was about to share something that he didn’t need to hear.

What if we did believe in miracles?

Of course, I knew it wasn’t a miracle because I understand the achievements of modern medicine but it got me thinking… What if we did believe in miracles? This man went on to have plans for the rest of his life and his family’s future because he truly believed anything was possible. What is stopping you and/or your children from believing that anything is possible? Is it something someone said or did? Or is it just the way you see the world? Is it really true or is it just in your mind as true?   Would others agree with you, or is it only you that sees it like this? What would your world look like if you did believe in miracles?

Joshua also told me that he had prayed every day for years to be able to ‘see’ his grandchildren. Miracles do not just happen, Joshua knew that he had to ask for his sight and he expected to regain his sight.   What are you doing to invite miracles into your life? Do you expect your prayers to be answered?

Create real clarity around your life

When we don’t have a vision of our future, then our life journey is blurry, we aimlessly follow the crowd and same old routine. We become dissatisfied and seek thrills to fill the gaps. Wouldn’t it be great if you had real clarity around your life, your purpose and your future? When drawing on your vision, remember to make passion your compass. If you do something you are passionate about, it will never feel like hard work and you will enjoy the journey.

When I do visualisation, goal setting, dreaming with my kids I tell them to:

“Think it, Ink it, Link it to all areas of your life”.

I’d love to hear your vision for yourself and your family.




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Anne McKeown