Fed Up With Society’s Consumption of Stuff?

Am I the only one feeling overwhelmed by the amount of Black Friday Special Bargain emails flooding into my inbox this weekend?

I feel torn because a part of me doesn’t want to miss out on the latest, greatest offer – but there is also a greater part of me that is fed up with our society’s consumption of ‘stuff.’

I know this Black Friday marketing is there to highlight what I don’t have, but even if it’s something I don’t really want or need my subconscious is now aware that I don’t have it and feels slightly bereft, weird but true!

Rene Girard, an anthropological philosopher calls our human desire ‘mimetic’. What he means by this is that we see someone else with something and we want it.

Have you ever watched someone pick up a handbag that’s on sale, the last one of its type and found yourself hoping they will put it down and walk away so you can grab it?

You buy it, get it home and wonder why you spent all that money?

We all do it… It’s crazy but true!

Well, I would like to introduce you to a different way of thinking and behaving.

Instead of allowing your unconscious mind to control you, why not make the conscious decision today that you will take control of it?

So much of what we think, say and do is performed on automatic pilot (at a subconscious level)

Maybe today is the day that you decide to no longer sleep walk through life

… maybe today is the day you make the decision to be more alert, to be more present, to be healthier and happier and more at peace with yourself and the world around you.

You can make today the day you choose to take back control of your life, your thoughts, your words and even your actions.

Now I hear you saying, “Well, Anne, how the heck do I do all that?”

What, if I said, “give me $5 and I will show you how.” Would you do it?

If not, then you are not ready for change, there is no desire, no commitment and no need to read further.

If on the other hand you said “yes, here’s $5 Anne, now show me how,” then you are in luck because for only $5 I can and will show you how – all you have to do is download my digital book by clicking this link : https://www.academy2mpowerwomen.com/take-back-control

My journey through life has taught me that the important things in life are not ‘things.’

The important things are:

· Happy, positive relationships with family and friends

· Physical and mental wellbeing

· Faith which brings a sense of inner peace

· Financial stability that allows me to be charitable

· Laughter and gratitude for all that I have

· Personal growth and to be a positive influence for those around me.

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Anne Mckeown