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I have recently written a memoir about a particular period of my life.   Through this exercise I realized that Life is a Book, each chapter representing a peep-hole to a part of my time on earth. Each paragraph filled with exclamation marks and question marks, describing my highs and lows. Every sentence making a statement and each word screaming to be heard.

Everyone has a book inside them

It is said that everyone has a book inside them and I believe it is true. We are all different, we walk separate paths through life and experience the same situation in alternative ways.   Our life can be made up of many books. For example, I could write about my days as a young corporate professional (which I have done!) I could pen another book about being a stay at home mother with depression as my constant companion. I could tell my ‘Cinderella’ story: always cleaning, tidying, cooking and feeling lonely. This year I turned fifty and stepped into a new phase of my life, which will some day be another story to be told.

Is your life now a habit?

Unfortunately, for many people they are told the story of their life by others and they believe it. They make it come true and they live it forever, often without a happy ending. Why? Maybe, because we have become conditioned. Maybe because we want to please. Maybe that way of life is now a habit and we’ve never thought of breaking it. Maybe fear is holding you back from living the life you were born to live and that same fear may be holding you back from writing your story.

Can you write your own future?

I would like to challenge you now to write your own future. You do not need to publish it and you do not need anyone else to edit it. You just need to own it. Imagine that I am now handing you a book and the title page reads: To Empower.  I then tell you that you will find everything you need to live a happy, fulfilled life within it’s pages. What would you do?   Imagine now that you open that book and flick through it, to your surprise all the pages are blank! What is your immediate reaction? What message do you think I’m sending to you? Some of you may say, that’s boring, others might think this was meant to be a joke, and most may say thank you for the nice notepad and put it in a drawer. Can you imagine what I recommend you do with it? Write your story – yes BUT not of the past of YOUR FUTURE.

It is your choice  – Today!

You can make a choice today to live the life you want. Like every author, the story begins in your head. Write on one page each day the way you want that day to be and then follow your own instructions. By the end of the year you will have an exciting memoir and be living the life of your dreams.

Let me know once you’ve decided to step out of your current drama, own your future and enjoy living your story every day.

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Anne McKeown