what role are you playing?

Life is DRAMA – What Role Do You Play?

We all play various roles in life. Often these are handed to us naturally, for example, our position in the family (parent, child, sibling etc). Other times we make a choice, like our career (nurse, lawyer, tradesman).

It is also very common that we let other people tell us which roles we should play in life. This is rarely meant to be bossy, it usually comes from a place of genuine concern where they believe that they know what is best for us. However, maybe without realizing it (I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt here!) the role they want us to play serves them best ie: a friend who doesn’t want you to have a partner cause it means she will be left alone; or a parent who holds strong beliefs and expects you to do the same because he/she would be embarrassed if their friends found, or a religious leader who wants you to be a carbon copy of the perfect parishioner, otherwise he/she looks like they are not doing a good job! When we take on other people’s desires for our life, we give them power in our life. Sometimes, we even let them write our script and allow them to criticize our performance.

What roles are you playing in your life?

Have you ever stopped to question the roles you are playing? Are they serving you or someone else? Do you believe the script you have learned? Would you like to write your own script? If so, what would it say? What is your message to the world? What is your message to yourself? Why not start writing your own stage play now.

The English author Rose Tremain said “life is not a dress rehearsal.”


So what is your future?

Maybe it is time for you to pen your own future. Your play can be a mini-series of one-day experiences. Choose your story and the characters you want in it. Decide what you want from life and make it happen today. Don’t think too much about it, don’t try and fathom it – just do it!

I’d love to hear your results.  #be_empowered #be_empowering



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Anne McKeown