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Move over SMART GOALS – TRAMS are coming through

Writing out my ‘smart’ goals for this month was such a chore.  Feeling fed up with the same old mechanical rote of ‘specific, measured, achievable, realistic and timed’ my creative mind started to play a game and turned ‘smart’ in to T.R.A.M.S.

T.R.A.M.S goals mean more to me because they focus me ‘towards’ the positive and away from the negative.  I can already visualize my ‘rewards’.   I laugh when I act as if.  Keeping my goals meaningful and memorable allows me to engage my heart, not just my head.  Being aware of stability is important to me and as long as it’s simple I will smile.  So the next time you are setting yourself up for success think of your goal plan like this:

Towards – focus on moving forward to what you want – don’t look back.

Rewarding – how will you celebrate when you have achieved your goal?

Act As If -it’s fun to role play and in no time it will be real.

Meaningful -It is so much more rewarding to achieve something that means a lot to you and/or others (and it could also be memorable).

Stable -Don’t let challenges rock your world.  Keep it Simple and Smile!


I have designed this questionnaire to help you navigate your way to achieving whatever you want in life.  Using the analogy of a tram answer these questions.

Have a go, be honest with yourself and let me know your results.

  1. Have you laid a solid foundation? (for your business or personal life).
  2. Do you have a good network?
  3. Is there room for expansion?
  4. Do you have a destination in mind?
  5. How long will it take you to get there?
  6. Are you in the driver’s seat or resting up the back?
  7. Are your team/family on board?
  8. If so, do they know where you are taking them?
  9. Do you have a map?
  10. Have you learned the highway code?
  11. Do you love your tram?
  12. Do you like your customers?
  13. Do you offer them value for money?
  14. How many trailers do you have hanging on to the back of your carriage?
  15. Is it time to let them go their own way?
  16. Will you jump off when you’re tired and it’s an uphill struggle?
  17. Will you soldier on, determined to see what’s on the other side?
  18. Will you stop and smell the roses along the way?
  19. What is at your destination?
  20. How will you know when you have arrived?

There’s no use setting goals if you don’t know where you are heading.  Most important of all is to enjoy the journey.

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Anne McKeown