New Year, New ___________

What would you write in the blank space?
What would you like to achieve this year?
You can have a list of ‘wishes’ for 2018, but something really needs to change in order to achieve your dreams.  Have you any idea what has held you back from achieving your dreams in the past? From my experience as a coach it is one main thing… MINDSET

Our mind controls our emotions and our emotions control our life. When growing up we are not taught how to train or understand the workings of the mind. I wish this topic was discussed in all schools.  It would save mental agony for so many people.  Understanding your mindset is essential for any goal setting and future plans.  Without it you will fall back into old habits, not because you want to but because that’s all the mind knows, and feels comfortable with.

If you were to cut open your brain and take a look inside, you wouldn’t be able to find your mind.  It is the part of you that works with your 5 senses and emotions to create pictures, memories, feelings and thoughts.



Our mindset is established at a young age based on our experiences, family values, religious beliefs. Our mindset is influenced by our parents, teachers and friends.  A mindset that served you when you were 7, may not necessarily help you deal with life as an adult.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to grow your mindset you may find that the things that hindered you as a child, still prevent you from achieving what you want today.

So, I would like to present this idea to you : New Year, New Mindset
Without it, you are wasting your time setting new goals.  You will reach the end of 2018 still feeling frustrated and calling yourself a failure.

Q: What do Oprah, Ellen & Pink all have in common?
A: A Life Coach!

All successful people know that they need to exercise their mind in the same way that they exercise any muscle in the body.  To strengthen it, to stretch it, to make it stronger, it needs to be challenged and they do this with the training and guidance of a Coach.

If this is something you (or someone you care about) could benefit from, then please let me help you.  Don’t suffer another year of disappointment and frustration.
I will take you on an exciting journey of growth, I will teach you skills and techniques that help you understand the impact your mindset is having on your life right now. I will show you how to change it and how to enjoy a happier New Year.

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Anne McKeown