New Year, New Mindset, New Results

It’s so exciting to be a woman in 2019!  Opportunities have never been better.

Women are standing up for what they believe, they are speaking out about injustices and they are taking action to make our world a better place.

To do this, many of these women have had to garner much courage and determination, thankfully they did not have to do it alone.

They sought guidance, support and community.  If you don’t have these things in your life in 2019 you are missing out….

Negative self talk, procrastination and doubt are only a few of the many things that can hold us back from what we want to achieve in life.

At the beginning of each new year, I always ask myself “what really matters now, and will it still matter in 2 years’ time?”

If the answer is ‘no’ then I let it go, so I can grow.  If the answer is ‘yes’ then I give it my best!

How?  By using both SMART & HEART goal setting methods.

Smart goals are consciously driven. They are measured and practical.

Heart goals use the power of the unconscious mind. They are meaningful and memorable.

And the good news is… there are 3 simple ways you can implement these proven methods in YOUR life today:

  • Engage me as Your Life Coach to guide and support you as you implement the changes you want in your life.

Here are a few examples of how a Life Coach can assist you…

  • Provides ongoing support
  • Encourages self-reflection
  • Introduces positive language
  • Helps you see the final outcome
  • Sets you small, achievable challenges
  • Shows you that problems can be solved
  • Teaches you about the value of resilience
  • Instructs you on how the brain and mind work
  • Assists you with these goal setting procedures
  • Shows you strategies for gradual improvement
  • Creates a positive environment for your growth
  • Helps you find meaning and fulfilment in your life
  • Gives praise for effort, not natural ability or talent
  • Encourages you to see failure as positive feedback
  • Teaches you techniques on how to shift your mindset
  • Provides motivation to keep going when things get tough

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention…

…with the book you will get 3 FREE short teaching videos where I share the exact steps I took to turn my life around, including quick, powerful techniques that I use every day to stay balanced, and positive.

Plus I would like to offer you a private 20 mins FREE strategy call with me so I can help you get on the right track for 2019. Click here to choose a date and time that suits you.

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Anne Mckeown