P O W E R 

The word POWER is often in my thoughts, it is in my company name after all, 2Mpower.co – to empower is very close to my heart.  I love the word POWER, what it stands for, what it implies and how it can assist us in our every day lives.  Hence, the reason I built my business around it.

The dictionary definition of the English word POWER comes from the Anglo-Norman French word poeir which has many meanings:

  • The ability to do something or act in a particular way.

I like this definition because it clearly shows that we have choice and can be in control.  We can choose to act or react in a particular way and we can choose to do something or not.  Often we think of power as something outside our control, or worse we see other people as having power over us!  This shows that we have given power to others by denying our own power.  Are you driven by your inner power?  Does it propel you forward with no effort because you love what you are doing?  Are you heading in this direction because you ‘want’ to, or are you being pushed by a force from behind, stumbling along the path because you think you ‘need’ to?

  • To influence others or the course of events.

We all know people (maybe even ourselves) who have withdrawn from a situation because of someone else’s negative influence.  If this is you, I challenge you to find your power within and use it to spring board you from the position of victim to victor.  You too can influence others and the course of events.  People who recognize their power to influence and use it for the benefit of others have a huge sense of contentment and satisfaction in life.

  • A right or authority that is given to a person.  

This right or authority may be given to someone in the workplace or family because of their position, age, experience or popularity but this authority does not mean that their power is stronger than yours, unless you decide that it is.

  • Energy that is produced. 

How do you produce energy?  Do you drink artificial liquids?  Do you dream of finding more energy? Do you use sport to uplift you? Do you go to a quiet place to recharge your batteries?  Do you know what it feels like to be totally energized and empowered?

  • Physical Strength.

A powerful body is important for our health and wellbeing.  This doesn’t mean that we have to lift weights, even a short walk every day will help to build strength and keep your muscles active.  Many of us want a physical body but it doesn’t happen by watching sport on TV.   Do something you enjoy, participate in a local team or have fun throwing a ball with your dog in the park.

  • Emotional strength. 

This is a huge topic and so vitally important.  Our emotions come from our feelings and our feelings come from our thoughts.  So if you are emotionally drained it is likely due to disempowering thoughts.  The mind is very powerful like a high-speed train on the go all the time.  It is up to us to bring it under control, to pull it into the station for a rest and an overhaul every once in a while.  Most of us know the importance of having balance in all areas of our life and strive for just that, however, when it comes to our mind we let it wander, like a naughty child going into a dark forest, getting lost and becoming overwhelmed; we let it shout and scream at us like an angry toddler and we shut it down when attacked by the ‘perceived’ strength of someone else.  Decide today to be the parent of your own emotions, say the loving things to yourself that you would say to your child, be kind and build your emotional strength.

  • supernatural being or force.

Whatever your spiritual beliefs, wouldn’t it be empowering to know that there is more to you than just skeleton and skin.  Whether you call it your soul or spirit or something that you can’t describe, believe that there is a power within you that no one can destroy – unless you let them!

A few tips from me:

Acknowledge that you have power within.

Harness the power of your intention.

Learn to manage your power.

Strengthen in the areas of awareness, accountability and achievement.

Generate real power by creating habits that build strength and endurance.

Stop worrying about the ‘how’ and start moving towards the ‘wow!’


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Anne McKeown