Things to do in the New Year

Things you need to do at the beginning of a new year!

One of the things I love about living in Australia is that life slows down for the whole month of January.  I still find a hot, sunny Christmas a bit confusing but I like the fact that people take time during, and after the silly season to spend time at the beach.  It is not only the festive season but also our summer holiday time and most schools don’t start back until the end of January.

I use this time to set myself up for success in the coming year.  I don’t just mean business success, but personal success too.

Here are a few things that I do to get on the right track for the year ahead.


I have spent the last few weeks clearing out EVERY corner of our home and it feels great!  Out of date sauces have been ditched from the kitchen cupboard, chipped cups are nowhere in sight, I can now find the teaspoons in the cutlery drawer and even the boxes of T2 are stacked neatly by the polished kettle. Wardrobes no longer house clothes that don’t fit, shelves have been cleared of books unread in the last 5 years and drawers emptied of ‘stuff’ never used.  We even gutted the garden. Gone are the weeds forever, (wishful thinking).  We cleared a part of our garden that has been annoying us since we moved into this house in 2009!

“Why bother?” You may ask – well for a few reasons: when my surroundings are orderly I feel that I can cope with the unforeseen ‘extras’ that life throws at me. I love the smells of freshly cut grass and lemon kitchen cleaner (sad but true).  I feel a sense of pride and achievement. I enjoy the new sense of space a clear-out reveals. Best of all, I don’t need to go to the gym because it’s hard work and I sweat heaps.

  • MAKE A 2016 FOLDER

Either online or hard copy and in it I put all the material I didn’t read, or projects I didn’t complete last year.  If I haven’t looked at it by this time next year, it gets binned.  When I have a crowded desktop or file tray I feel overwhelmed and confused.  When my workplace is cluttered, my head feels cluttered and I struggle to start tackling jobs.  This way my headspace is clearer and I can deal with one topic at a time.


I look at the calendar and decide what I want to have achieved by the end of the next 100 days.  Then I write down what I have to do to get there and split that into 100 individual day tasks.  I then split each day into hours (work hours, family time, etc…)  The key to success is routine and ignoring your feelings.  You will rarely feel like doing what needs to be done, we are wired that way.  So I suggest that you become a robot. Switch off all thoughts and just do it!  We all know that we will feel better after completing something on our ‘to do’ list.  Tell someone (me if you like) what your 100 Day Desire is and ask them to keep you accountable, you could do the same for them.


The best thing I ever did was hire a cleaner.  I resisted it for years because I thought it a waste of money.  The best that ever happened was that all the arguments we used to have in our house around the chores roster stopped!  I never thought you could buy harmony, but there it is!  The amount I pay my cleaner is less than I can earn and I would rather coach than clean, so now my money and time are spent well.  Ask yourself this question “Where is my time best utilised?”  Then that is what you should be doing.  If money is an issue then think of who you know that might like to swap tasks with you.


It is very difficult to move on, with the weight of negative relationships on your back.  Let the new year be an opportunity for a fresh start.  Nothing will change if you change nothing.  Your thoughts, your actions and your environment are in your control, you just have to believe it and take action.

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Anne McKeown