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Trying doesn’t work

Trying doesn’t work – imagine if I dropped a pencil and then said I would try and pick it up. It doesn’t make sense, either I will bend down, curl my fingers around it and remove it from the ground; or I won’t! The same applies to desired achievement in any area of our life. Every success starts by making a decision and long lasting success comes from consistent action. I challenge you to remove the word ‘try’ from your vocabulary.

I’ve had a particularly tough week. The publisher who promised to have my book in shops by February has gone into receivership and I have to start the whole process again. I can’t tell you how disappointing this is after months of waiting and huge expectation. I am having to coach myself, to stay on track, to focus on my TRAMS goals, to see that herein lies a new opportunity. (not quite sure what that is yet, but I do know that real success comes from owning total responsibility and if it’s to be it’s up to me!) My girls have been laughing at me as I dance around the house singing Taylor Swift’s “shake it off” in an effort to get rid of my own negativity, which seems determined to hang around.

A friend of mine once said – the harder you hit the ground, the higher you bounce, and this is what separates successful people from the average. They bounce back, they forge ahead regardless of their stumbles and obstacles. Most people that do well have a Plan B (and C and D and E and as many as they need until they reach their goal). So that is what I’m doing now, setting up Plan B, C, D & E – hopefully I won’t need them all! I could say that I am going to ‘try’ and find another publisher but I won’t say that because ‘trying’ allows me to be lazy. I here and now state that I WILL find another publisher to print and promote my story.

With a growth mindset, I am encouraged to see this unexpected outcome, not so much as a failure but more as a test that I tried out on the marketplace. Which returned a positive result, stating the negative. I hope that makes sense!

I heard Michelle Bridges present at the National Achievers Congress last month and her motto (like Nike) is JFDI – Just Friggin’ Do It! So I will, wish me luck.

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Anne McKeown