Why Do I Feel So Awful?


Late last year, I had the best couple of months ever… I took time off from work in December to prepare for Christmas and enjoy the numerous dinners and party celebrations that took place in the lead up to 25th. We ate Turkey in every disguise (curried, sandwiched, sauced) until we welcomed in the New Year with champagne, mature cheeses and lots of cake.

To celebrate my children finishing high school, we took a family trip to Europe. We celebrated my birthday in Glasgow. Gifts galore along with friends, rich food and a wine made for a fantastic reunion.

We travelled in comfort around Spain enjoying sangria, rioja wine, paella, tortilla and my favourite crème caramel. In Greece we devoured olives, feta cheese, home-made breads and strong coffee. I was relaxed, spoiled and loved it.

On our return, I was pleased to be home but for some reason I felt flat; my mood was low. I was tired and fought a constant headache. My tummy felt sour and bloated. Dark shadows had formed under my eyes. I lacked motivation and felt very uncomfortable in my now tighter clothes. I put extra make-up on my face to hide the new red blemishes.

I found myself asking – why do I feel so awful?
And the answer was quick – I had ignored my usual rituals.

The Body/Mind connection is very strong. They impact one another equally. A problem with one means a problem with the other.

As a result of neglecting my yoga stretches for all those weeks, my body had become stiff and slow.

I had gradually become addicted to wine and coffee, one lifted my mood in the morning, the other brought it crashing down at night.

Sitting around in aeroplanes, in cafes, in people’s houses, my body yearned for its usual daily walk with our dog.

I’d forgotten to drink enough water in the cold European climate.

The change in time zone had disturbed my sleeping pattern.

In my drive for pleasure, I felt pain. I craved a mental, physical and spiritual cleanse. Fresh air, exercise, herbal tea, fresh fruit, salad and prayer.
I had so quickly forgotten that routine and discipline are actually my best friends.

You see, the mind plays tricks on us. What we think is bad/negative/hard work is often what the body needs, and what we think is good/positive/fun, can wreak havoc with our internal organs until they are crying out for us to stop. So now, it’s time to take a good look inside.

Internal Body Meditation

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Anne McKeown